Growtech | Exhibition 2023

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KUKI Fertilizer Industrial Co.,Ltd. | Gian hàng số: D6

We have been producing and selling fertilizers since 1805. We have more than 200 years of experience and knowledge, which allows us to quickly offer proposals. We provide chemical fertilizers, organic compound fertilizers, BB fertilizers, and organic BB fertilizers on a made-to-order basis according to your request. It is necessary to adjust mat...

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Giống, Hạt Giống – Dinh Dưỡng Cho Đất, Phân Bón, Thuốc Bảo Vệ Thực Vật

K.W. Metal Work Public Company Limited Thailand | Gian hàng số: A4

With a strong envision of Mr. Ekapan Vanagosoom, K.W. Metalwork Public Company Limited (KWM) was established in 2009 with a vision to become a national leading of the agricultural equipment’s manufacturer. The company is located at two strategic locations; the headquarters is located in central Bangkok, whereby our highly equipped factory is locate...

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Thiết Bị, Công Nghệ, Máy Móc, Công Cụ, Dụng Cụ Ngành Nông Nghiệp
+84 28 3823 9052+84 24 3516 2063