Growtech | Exhibition 2019





Fertilizers / Agricultural Chemical Materials / Natural Enemy Insect Materials / IPM SPECIAL FEATURE
Greenhouse & sunlight type plant factories
Artificial lighting type
Incidental facilities, equipment for greenhouse horticulture
Incidental facilities, equipment for plant factories (sunlight type & complete artificial lighting type)
Seedlings / Systems for raising seedlings / Raising materials / Pollinators
Fertilizer (Chemical / Organic)


Tractors / Excavators
Precision Farming
Transport Vehicles and Loaders
Irrigation & Drainage / Water Management
Soil Preparation Implements
Biogas / Wood Chipper / Waste Management
Transplanters / Sowing & Drilling Machines
Silos / Millers / Dryers /Cooling Technology
Combine Havesters / Balers / Mowers
Conveying / Grading / Sorting Machines
Spreaders / Sprayers / Integrated Pest Management
Spare Parts / System & Components
Agricultural Drones


ICT for agriculture
Agricultural Consulting
Photovoltaic Systems
Labor saving technologies
Against for meteorological disaster and heat stroke


Pig Farming Equipment
Feed and Feed Ingredients
Feed Additives and Premixes
Feeding System
Cattle Breeding
Dairy Farming
Dairy Processing Equipment
Milking system
Disease Controls
Animal Health and Pharmaceutical Products
Pig and Poultry Breeding
Pig and Poultry Farming
Pig and Poultry Processing System
Packaging System
Knowledge Transfer
VISITORS Farmer – Crop Production
Farmer – Livestock Production
Dealer / Distributor
Importer / Trader
Research & Development / Engineering
Exporter / Manufacturer
Agricultural Cooperatives
Government Agency (Agricultural, Science and Technology, Natural Resources and Environment)
Trade / Farmer Organization
Retail Business


Sawmills and railroad ties
Tractors / Excavators / Loader
Machinery maintenance and parts
Forestry machinery
Road construction machinery
Cleaning machines
Transport Vehicles 
Post-harvesting equipment
Planting Equipment
Soil Preparation Implements
Wood processing
Transplanters / Sowing & Drilling Machines
Seedling production
Equipment repair
Spare Parts / System & Components
Geographic information systems
Manual tools
Chainsaw systems
Labor saving technologies
Against for meteorological disaster and heat stroke
Fire detection and protection
Roadway planning systems
Equipment and tool transportation
Woodchip management and transportation
Specialized vehicles
Forestry nurseries
Wood housing


Aquaculture & Fisheries Technology & Equipment
Aquaculture & Fisheries Processing
Breeding & Hatchery Equipment
Chemical for Pond Management
Cold Chain & Refrigeration Equipment
Disease & Health Management
Feed and Feed Ingredients
Feed Additives
Feeding Equipment
Fishing Equipment
Food Safety, Hygiene & Traceability Solutions
Fresh & Frozen Seafood
Packaging Equipment
Processing Equipment
Cleaning equipment for fishery material
Fish counter equipment
Marine environmental preservation equipment
Aquaculture sludge separation device
Recirculation Systems
Automatic sorting system
Anti-rust and anti-rust agent
Fisheries Pharmaceuticals
Aquarium related facilities
Underwater Camera
Fishing boats / related equipment
Ultraviolet, ozone sterilizer
Aquarium fish supplies
Seafood Traders, Importers & Exporters
Water Analysis & Treatment
Water Quality Control and Instrument
Filter, Water purification equipment, Water quality
improvement agent
Oxygen supply / disperser
Heat exchanger
Aquaculture management computer system (ITC)
Fishing net anti-fouling agent, Selected antifouling paint
Fishing net, crib
Algae culture
Industry Associations
Inspection & Certification
Logistic Services
Media & Trade Publications
Various bio devices


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