Growtech | Exhibition 2018

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 Time :            November 21st  - November 23rd , 2018


1. Objective

- Introduce, promote high-tech equipments and machineries of planting, harvesting and storage in the field of agriculture, forestry and fishery;

- Create the environment for specialized companies to promote, introduce and display e technology, services, consultation and guidance to potential customers for using products;

- To meet and communicate with the experts to update the latest and the most advanced technologies and solutions;

-Create favorable conditions for specialized manufacturers to meet, communicate interchange and support each others to strengthen, develop production and expand markets;

- An opportunity for agricultural enterprises, farmers, production facilities to meet, research and transfer technology with the companies of agricultural machinery, forestry and fishery on-site;

- To help the strategic planners, specialized managers update information and meterials to make the right decisions, orient the development of domestic agriculture.

2. Host and sopnsor:

- Ministry of Science and Technology

- Ministry of Industry and Trade

- Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

3. Organizer

 - National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC) - Ministry of Science & Technology.

 - Adpex Joint Stock Company

4. Exhibition name

- Vietnamese: Triển lãm Quốc tế Thiết bị & Công nghệ Nông – Lâm – Ngư nghiệp 2018

- English: The International Exhibition on Machineries & Technologies of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery 2018

- Abbreviation:  VIETNAM GROWTECH 2018

- Website :

- Fanpage:

5. Main topic

Smart agriculture towards the suture

6. Time

October 21th  - October 23 th, 2018

7. Venue

-- Hanoi International Exhibition Center (I.C.E)

- No. 91 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

8. Promotion & Propaganda

Le’bros and Jublia - Singapore are the official media sponsors of Growtech 2018

- Send press release to the mass media agencies to publish the Exhibition (about 50 newspapers, agencies)

- Official website

- Exhibition publications: brochures, flyers, invitations, posters, catalogues,… (about 50,000 units)

- Trailer to broadcast on television and network mainstream (about 30”/ ads)

- Media sponsors for the exhibition (about 10 units)

9. Scope of exhibits



Machineries, equipments and technologies for farming: cultivator, mower, tractor, lawnmower, spraying machine, pump,…

Fertilizer & chemicals, pesticide, insecticide, fertilizer production lines and equipments,…

Greenhouse and vegetable growing equipments: greenhouse, net house, tunnel system, irrigation system,…

Precision agriculture: sowing, fertilizing, irrigating, harvesting machineries and equipments. Devices for experiment, analysis, measurement and control, and other equipments

Agricultural construction facilities:  greenhouse covering, net house covering, greenhouse materials, post - harvest storage

Cold storage house and appliances, post-harvest storage technology

Agricultural storage and processing machines, technologies: sheller, grain separator, color sorter, processing line, conveying system, storage,…

Transport and logistics in agriculture: Containers, trucks and cargo, loading appliances

Packaging materials, package, pots, trays and seedlings, seeds, biotechnologies, crop protection solutions, chemicals, fertilizers and crop protection chemicals

Animal Breeding

Feedstuffs manufacturing and processing machineries

Machines and equipments in animal breeding: shearing tool, clipper, milking mahcine, incubator/ hatcher, dairy product preservation technique, …

Ranch and farm material facilities, construction materials

Livestock waste separator machine

Feedstuffs and veterinary medicine



Wood processing equipments and machineries

Forest - fire and flood warning system and devices

Gasification system using agricultural and forestry byproducts to generate power



Aquacultural feed and chemical processing machineries

Equipments and machines in aquaculture: net pulling, fish hook system, drying system

Aquacultural technologies

Water treatment system

Aquacultural post - harvest storage technologies

10. Participant

The national or global units including the following fields:

- The Ministries, branches and government-owned corporation

- Authority

- Manufacturers and business companies of machinery and equipment

- Companies specializing in agriculture, forestry, fishery

- Farmers with invention certificate of production tools

- The start-up business related in field of high-tech agriculture, climate-smart agriculture…-

- Consultants /Turnkey solutions suppliers

- Management, publishing newspapers, professional publications;

- Professional training and research;

- Others ...

11. Scale

Expect from 300 to 350 standard booths on the exhibition area and take from 5,000m2  to 7,000m2

12. Country

Israel, Germany, England, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Taiwan, China and Vietnam, ...

13. Exhibit origin:

Israel, Germany, England, Australia, Czech Republic, India, Japan, Korea, Italia, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, ...

14. Contact

National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC) – Ministry of Science and Technology

Office: No. 39, Tran Hung Dao Street ,Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Tel: 84-4-3945.4957,  Fax: 84-4-3944.0146

Adpex Joint Stock Company

Hanoi Office: Room 405, No. 20 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi


Website: ,

Tel: 04-3516 2063,  Fax: 04 3516 2065.



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